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Are there VOCs in carpeting?

Almost every carpet flooring contains Volatile Organic Compounds, otherwise known as VOCs, known to cause harmful reactions. But what can you do about it?

That is a great question that we intend to answer in today's post. So read along with us to find out more.

What do we do about the VOCs in carpet flooring?

VOCs are often found in the fibers and backing of these floors, which creates the "new carpet" smell that we are frequently asked about after installation. However, this unpleasant odor can be alleviated, giving you a much fresher-smelling home and less worry about the air quality of your home and the health of its occupants.

You can start by vacuuming your carpets daily, especially right after installation. Hot water extraction also works wonderfully, helping lift off these components and decrease off-gassing by almost half.

Another option is to ask about eco-friendly products or carpet floors created with the specific purpose of decreasing the off-gassing process right from the start. Then, when you visit our showroom, our associates can assist you with any concerns you might have and answer all your questions, helping you to find the perfect materials for every room of your home.

We offer carpet floors you can live with

First American Carpet & Floors offers great floor coverings that are sure to meet your rigid standards for visuals, performance, and lifespan. We also provide all the services that can help to create your dream flooring, no matter how large or small the remodel.

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