10 best ways to keep your floor scuff free

If you just invested in new flooring, protecting your investment is probably at the forefront of your mind. Furniture can be your floor’s number one enemy. Kids, shoes, and pets will definitely scratch and scuff any floor in your home. The process of removing scratches and scuffs can be a nightmare after they happen, so taking preventative measures to keep your floor scuff free is important.

The four most common types of flooring are stone, in particular granite, hardwood, and laminate. There are 10 ways for each of these types of flooring to remain scuff free and brand new looking if kept up on. Best of all, these prevention methods are easy, convenient and inexpensive to achieve in a short amount of time.

Granite is the hardest flooring commercially available, resistant to most household chemicals, and can withstand just about any abuse in your home or business. Keeping this kind of flooring scuff free is easy if it is properly sealed.

  1. There are several granite sealers on the market specially made to protect granite from everyday wear and tear. However hard and resistant this flooring is, it is not impervious to damage. As with any flooring, use anti-scuff pads when moving furniture.

  2. Try not to leave your shoes on in the house.

  3. Spills or scuff that do occur should be cleaned up immediately.

  4. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads and powders, soap and water is sufficient.Wood flooring is very durable and can withstand a good amount of abuse. If properly cared for, wood flooring can last the duration of the home. The furniture you have is your wood floors greatest weakness.Any furniture that moves on your wood floor is going to scuff when there is wood to wood or metal to wood contact. Use anti scuff pads before rearranging furniture. Use rubber pads on furniture that isn’t supposed to move to reduce indentations in the flooring.

  5. Avoid wearing tennis shoes in the house as they can leave black scuff marks

  6. Use a wood floor protectant to withstand everyday abuse from your pet’s nails, your kid’s shoes and toys. This also prevents staining since wood is porous. Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring that uses layers of melamine resin and fiber board materials with a photographic layer under a clear layer on the top for protection. This is commonly called laminate wood flooring, when in fact, it is only made to simulate wood. Knowing that will help you prevent any damage to this kind of flooring.

  7. Treat laminate flooring exactly as you would real wood flooring.

  8. Laminate is easily susceptible to scuffs from shoes, so take them off in the house.

  9. Always use padding underneath your furniture or other heavy objects before sliding. Laminate can be more easily damaged than hardwood.

  10. Over time, if your pet hasn’t been to the groomer, their nails will scratch the protective coating on the laminate, leaving it unprotected.