10 distorted facts about carpets everyone thinks are true
Before you run to your local carpet store to buy a new carpet, you may want to think again. Some of the facts you have heard about owning a might not be entirely true. For your convenience, here are those ten facts and the truth behind them.

  1. Certain Carpets Material get Dirtier Faster

    The lighter the color of your carpet, the faster it will show dirt. There’s no way around it. It doesn’t matter what the fibers are made of. If you want to keep your white carpet white, then you’re going to have to keep it clean.

  2. You Need to Hire a Professional to Clean Your Carpets

    Professionals are expensive and you can likely only hire one twice a year to clean your carpets. If you have a carpet in your home, you should invest in your own steam cleaner so you can clean your carpets every other month. Then you can reduce the number of times you hire a professional by half. However, you should only do this if you know what you’re doing.

  3. Carpet Cleaners are a Waste of Money

    If you know how to use a carpet cleaner yourself, then yes, a professional carpet cleaner might be a waste of money. But, if not you should consider hiring one because they will know how to get all the allergens and deep set stains out of your carpet.

  4. Vacuuming is All You Need to Do to Keep It Clean

    You do need to deep clean your carpet consistently because vacuuming just doesn’t get all the set-in bacteria. In fact, the stomach flu virus can survive in carpet fibers for more than a month.

  5. Carpets are Better with Kids

    Carpets might be softer for little feet but in regards to cleaning, you should consider going with hardwood or laminate. Kids will make a mess and those messes will be harder to clean on carpet.

  6. Cleaning Your Carpet Will Make the Color Fade

    You shouldn’t put off cleaning your carpet. The longer you wait the more likely you will cause permanent damage to the fibers. As long as you know how to clean a carpet or hire a professional, your carpet will continue to look new after every cleaning.

  7. Carpet Has Formaldehyde in It

    The carpet industry hasn’t used formaldehyde in its product since 1978. Even if your home still has the carpet it had when it was built before 1978 the formaldehyde in the fibers has long since dissipated.

  8. Mold Grows on Carpet

    Unless your house is prone to flooding, your carpet will not get moldy. Mold cannot grow unless it has a food source, consistent temperature and moisture. Knowing this, mold can grow anywhere in your home if you don’t keep it clean.

  9. Carpets Effect Allergies

    Carpets actually prevent allergens from floating in the air by letting them get caught in the fibers. Vacuuming will get these allergens out of your carpet.

  10. Soiled Carpet is Defective Carpet

    If you buy a light-colored carpet and walk on it then it will get soiled. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on it. Just because a carpet gets dirty doesn’t make it defective. It happens. Vacuum every week and your carpet will stay clean.

Buying the right carpet is a daunting task and it only gets more difficult when you don’t have the right information. If you want carpet in your home, don’t let these distorted carpet facts steer you away. Or contact us and let us help you with your next flooring project!