Waterproof floors ready for a busy household in Woodbridge, VA

5 fantastic benefits of waterproof flooring

When you choose quality waterproof floors for your busy household, you're assured a stress-free lifestyle where you won't lose sleep over water damage. But waterproof floors aren't just known for protecting your home against water. There are several excellent features that this type of hard surfacing can provide. Whether you install it in your bathroom, kitchen or nursery, check out the following 5 fantastic qualities you'll get from waterproof floors.

Pet-proof (and kid-proof!)

If kids and pets run your home, then it’s high time you’ve considered floors that can handle them! Since they’re so easy to clean and maintain, you won’t have to worry about liquid spills, food accidents, and all those little mishaps that happen along the way. With the ability to stand up to dings, dents, and scratches, playtime won’t be stressing you out.


Cleaning up after your precious little ones can be incredibly time-consuming. With toys strewn about, your place may sometimes look like an all-out war zone. Luckily, scratch-resistant floors make clean-up a cinch. Plus, you won’t dread what’s under the disaster, as you know there’s no chance of scratches or damage.


Of course, we can’t forget waterproof flooring’s most renowned quality – it’s water resistance! Say goodbye to mildew and mold growth, since these planks won’t allow water to accumulate and still there. Stagnant moisture can lead to bacterial growth, which in time can lead to a long list of health hazards. Luckily, these very resistant planks allow moisture to accumulate and stay on its surface until you simply come along and clean it up.


Ultra-durable, your installation will be able to keep up with your family for years to come. Currently, it's one of the toughest, most solid installations available on the market. Unlike some other types of flooring, this one isn't as prone to aging and the eventual damage that happens because of it. If properly maintained, your waterproof floors can easily last up to 20 years – possibly more!

Lifetime stain warranty

If your family includes pets and children, then chances are you know just how messy life can get sometimes. But with a lifetime stain warranty – which you get when you choose a high-grade installation – you can rest easy knowing you’re covered for life.

Waterproof flooring retailer

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