Benefits of investing in granite countertops

Investing in the renovation or remodeling of your home is a big decision to make. The process can be costly and once you commit, you are in it until the end. Some decision about your home project can be very overwhelming. With so many different options for flooring, cabinets, paint color and appliances, planning your home renovation may seem daunting. Your options for countertops should be a no brainer though because granite is just a cut above the other options.

Granite counter tops are modern and chic.

Everyone loves granite and the elegant look it can bring to any room from public restroom and doctor’s offices to your brand new kitchen. When home shoppers are looking to buy a new house, one of the factors they consider in their offer is how much upgrading they plan to do themselves. Having granite counter tops adds to the appeal and aesthetic beauty of your home making it much more appealing to investors.

Granite is also a natural element which many people are gravitating towards. This stone can come in three basic patterns, grey, white or swirled. This patterns are convenient because the can go with almost any décor and in any room. No matter what your theme or paint color preferences are, granite’s neutral and natural aesthetic will mesh well to create a harmonious environment in your home.

You will be hard-pressed to find a stone counter stop that is more reliable and durable than granite. The material is almost scratch resistant and it would take a tremendous force to be able to chip or break these countertops.

Any professional granite installer is also going to use a sealer on your countertop to ensure that this material is also stain proof.

This comes as a great enhancement for people who do a good amount of cooking or are prone to spilling. Sealing needs to be done every two years to protect the granite; however, it is something easy and quick that most homeowners can do themselves.

Granite is also great for families that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Unlike laminate or wood countertops and surfaces, granite can take the heat. If your child, or even yourself, forgets to set a pot down on a heat resistant surface, you don’t have to worry about scorching if you are setting it on granite. This type of surface is also resistant to fading or discoloration that can happen over time from normal wear and tear on other materials.

Investing in granite keeps both yourself and the environment healthy! Granite is non porous which means that bacteria and germs cannot sink into the surface like can happen with wood surfaces. Having a smooth surface makes clean up easy and quick and being sealed prevents you from having to do any scrubbing or bleaching.

When it comes to the environment, granite can be recycled over and over again because it is nearly impossible to destroy. Many countertop specialists will recommend going with a salvaged granite to reduce environmental impact.