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Can carpet warm a room?

Carpet flooring can warm a room in more than one way, and we'd love to tell you more about it. Follow along with us here in today's post to find out exactly how that’s possible and how you can make the most of this plush material in your home.

Carpet flooring is the warmest option

In terms of heat retention and material that is warm to the touch, even under bare feet, carpet flooring is the best option in flooring. As the only soft surface flooring, you’ll find it to be a great choice anywhere a warmer surface is required, such as bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

When combined with high-quality underpadding, they act as extra layers of insulation that keep your home and your floors much warmer than hard surface flooring. You’ll enjoy warmer temperatures that not only keep the chill at bay in colder weather, but that also offer a difference you can see on your energy bills.

Carpet can warm your home in other ways, too. For instance, choosing the right color can create a warmer ambiance so that even the mood is warmer, which is perfect for family gathering spaces like living rooms and dining rooms.

Find the carpet floors you need today

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