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Carpet Styles: Berber to loop pile to shag

Fibers are looped onto a backing to make carpet. These loops can be cut at the tips during manufacturing to create additional styles. Perhaps the most significant difference between the two types, along with how they look, is how they feel. Cut pile styles are softer than loop pile styles. You can find a large selection of both types of carpeting at First American Carpet & Floors; we offer carpet in Woodbridge and Stafford, Virginia. Flooring pros staff both showrooms.

Carpet pile

The two carpet flooring styles, loop pile, and cut pile, can be combined to create a loop and cut pile styles. The term 'pile' refers to the density of the carpet fibers, thickness, length, or height of these fibers. Pile impacts more than appearance. Comfort underfoot, durability, and ease of maintenance are affected by carpet pile. High-quality short loop carpet floors are most durable. They are easy to clean because the densely packed fibers keep dirt on the surface.


Berber, the most popular loop carpet, is usually light in color with flecks of darker colors. This weaving style originated with the Berber people of North Africa. Traditional Saxony is the most commonly chosen cut pile style. Medium length fibers stand up straight and provide a formal and sophisticated look. In contrast, the frieze cut pile offers a casual look. Fibers are so tightly twisted that they curl on the surface of the carpet. Shag carpet has the longest twisted fibers.

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