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Carpet anatomy: texture & style

“Is carpet style the same as texture?" Yes, they are related, as are construction and fiber.  They all affect carpet flooring's appearance and performance, and that’s why you need to know basic terms. We will help you sort it all out when you are shopping for carpet in Woodbridge.

Construction and basic textures

Carpet yarns are first pulled through a backing material, much like a sewing or needlepoint action. The yarns remain either in a straight looped style or become a cut pile of varying pile heights, thicknesses, twists, and fibers. Textures/styles include:

● The plush pile is soft and velvety with an upright finish that makes it ideal for formal areas, such as living rooms.
● Saxony is a type of cut-loop carpet with longer pile lengths that make it deep and soft.  It’s more formal and is made up of densely packed, twisted piles that stand straight up. Saxony has two versions:  Saxony Plush, which is velvety and more traditional, and Saxony Texture (sometimes called "trackless" because it won’t show footprints and vacuum marks.)
● Textured is very soft and refers to fibers in an uneven placement, sometimes with a twist, such as a frieze.
● Frieze is a longer cut loop pile, with tightly twisted piles lying in multiple directions, creating a scattered look.  It’s dense and soft and great for any atmosphere, especially more casual ones like family rooms. When the fibers reach a certain length, they’re referred to as shag rugs.

What’s a looped pattern?

● A low pile rug with short, tightly woven fibers, Berber is a straight looped construction.  It’s soft and, as all low pile rugs, easier to keep clean than the high pile (long, loose fibers rugs.)

● Cut and loop.  Some yarns are cut, while others are looped. When the cut yarns vary in height, they create and embed patterns, such as geometrics, herringbones, chevrons, etc.

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