Does luxury vinyl flooring work with real grout?

Does luxury vinyl flooring work with real grout?

When you’ve picked your luxury vinyl tile or plank, there may be quite a few more questions that need to be answered. For example, whether you're getting tiles or planks, you may wonder if they need to be grouted.

Most of these flooring options have grout built into their design, so there is no need for natural grout. However, although it's primarily built-in, we can make some choices to work with actual grout.

Options you can use with actual grout

Traditionally, regular hardwood flooring isn’t usually grouted, so you won't need any grout when using luxury vinyl plank. However, tile is most commonly grouted, and if you’re looking for a waterproof tile option for a bathroom or kitchen, you can use these floors.

If you choose either option or it doesn't have already feature grout lines in the design, adding grout can help complete the look. The best grout that goes with luxury vinyl is cement or epoxy grout.

Cement grout can be brittle and can crack when used with vinyl flooring materials. Epoxy grout can be your best option since it is more flexible and can even help to waterproof.

LVP can also be grouted, but again, the best option for grout is epoxy. Epoxy is an excellent grout that is flexible, waterproof, and resistant to harsh chemicals and stains, with additional mix-ins to achieve the color you want and need.

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