Since a bedroom has low foot traffic, any high-quality carpeting works well. Nylon, triexta, and polyester brands are homeowner favorites. You can find all three types of carpet and much more at First American Carpet & Floors. We are a family-owned business bringing high-quality flooring to Virginia's Stafford and Prince William counties since 1984. 
Fibers to choose if you have pets

Nylon or triexta carpeting is most appropriate if a pet is part of the household. Both are durable and resilient fibers. 

Nylon and triexta carpeting

Nylon carpeting is known for its ability to bounce back after footsteps or heavy furniture and electronics have compressed it. That means it retains its original look for many years. In addition, nylon is treated in the factory for stain resistance. Triexta is naturally stain-resistant. 


Less costly polyester is ideal for low-traffic spaces. It is a soft fiber that is available in many bright colors. 'Green' brands, made of recycled plastic, are available.

Carpet styles

Carpet flooring
is produced by looping fibers onto a backing. More styles are created when the loops are cut at the tips. Loop pile styles are most durable since dirt remains close to the surface and is easy to remove. 


Cut-pile carpeting is softer underfoot, which is one of the reasons that it is often chosen for bedrooms. Saxony is a cut pile style that has a formal look. The relatively short fibers are dense, and they stand straight up. Frieze styles, made up of tightly twisted fibers that appear curled, have a casual look. 

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First American Carpet & Floors installs carpet in Stafford, VA, and nearby communities like Woodbridge, Triangle, Fredericksburg, Lorton, Manassas, Dumfries, and Lake Ridge, VA. Design consultation and old carpet disposal are part of your bedroom carpet upgrade. First American Carpet & Floors is a full-service retailer that can satisfy all of your flooring needs, so visit our showroom in Woodbridge or Stafford, VA, today.