How long does built-in stain protection last in carpet flooring?

How long does built-in stain protection last in carpet flooring?

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Naturally, stain-resistant triexta is hydrophobic, meaning the manufactured fiber tends to repel water rather than absorb it.

Thus, triexta carpeting and the best triexta/PET blends include lifetime stain, soil warranties, and lengthy abrasive wear and texture retention warranties. In addition, Triexta is used for pet-proof brands like Mohawk SmartStrand.


Since carpet made of nylon absorbs liquids, it is always treated in the factory for stain resistance. Nylon is the most popular fiber because it is resilient, can quickly bounce back from compression, and is highly abrasion resistant.

However, today, technologically advanced EnVision® Nylon carpeting is harder to stain than traditionally produced brands.


Like triexta, polyester is a fiber that does not absorb water or liquid spills, so you can depend on polyester to offer superior stain resistance. In addition, polyester accepts dye well, which is why carpet flooring can be found in a wide variety of vibrant color tones and many shade selections. 

This budget-friendly flooring is ideal for low-traffic spaces such as bedrooms.

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