When it comes to taking care of your floor, hardwood and laminate are the easiest options. When you spill something on either of these, all you need to do is grab a paper towel and wipe it up. If it’s sticky, the most you need to do is grab a mop. It’s why hardwood (or laminate that looks like hardwood) is such a hot commodity in the real estate industry.

Taking care of your flooring isn’t so simple when you have carpet throughout your house. Carpet requires a lot more care when compared to other flooring options. Carpets are made of different fibers, and some carpets are more prone to staining than others. The one thing all carpets have in common is if you don’t clean the stain immediately, it will get locked into the fibers and be nearly impossible to remove.

Treat the Mess Immediately

Cleaning up a mess will only get harder if you give it time to set into the carpet. Letting it soak into the fibers of your carpet has the potential to stain the carpet.

Set Up Cleaning Rituals

When you come home take your shoes off but leave your socks on. Shoes track in everything you walked through during the day. You also don’t want to walk around barefoot or you could eventually stain the carpet with your natural foot oils. You should also vacuum once a week for every person or animal in your house. That means if there are two people in your house, you should vacuum at least twice a week.

Learn How to Remove Stains

If you spill something or a pet has an accident on the carpet, it’s important to know how to treat the stain. Because each stain is different, you need to know the best way to treat it. For example, should you ever get a nosebleed and have a few drops get on the carpet, hydrogen peroxide is the best way to get the stain out. Once you’ve weakened the spot with water and detergent, use hydrogen peroxide to get the deep setting spots. Pet accidents should be cleaned with organic solutions rather than chemicals.

Deep Clean Often

Aside from vacuuming multiple times a week, you should also deep clean your carpet on a regular basis. Steam cleaning is an essential part of keeping your carpet looking new. The steam from the cleaner will loosen and remove any deep-set dirt and oil. But, if you don’t have a steam cleaner in your home you may have to hire professionals to come and get the job done, which is why you don’t need to do this weekly or even monthly.

Caring for your carpets will guarantee their quality while you own your house. If spills go untreated for any amount of time, they will soak into the fibers of your carpet and stain it until the next time you hire a steam cleaner. Knowing how to take care of your carpet is how you ensure its long life in your home.