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Important information regarding SmartStrand carpet

Carpet is an amazing addition to your home, now more than ever, especially if you choose a remarkable product such as SmartStrand. This carpet line offers an unbelievable combination of stunning good looks and incredible durability, and you’re going to want to find out more about those right now.

For homeowners, carpet has often been a floor covering that is passed over, especially concerning durability. With new manufacturing techniques, however, you’ll find this floor covering to be just as durable as many others currently on the market today. But we want to tell you much more.

SmartStrand isn’t “just another carpet”

When many people see SmartStrand carpet for the first time, there's nothing that can identify all the amazing benefits that the flooring offers. Of course, you'll see the amazing color options that are available in the line, and experience the luxurious softness for yourself, but there's much more to know about these materials.

One of the greatest advantages for the busy homeowner is the massive stain-fighting power built into every fiber of this carpet flooring. With special warranties against pet stains, urine stains, odors, and more, this brand goes to a new level in protection.

You’ll also find excellent crush resistance in these fibers as well, meaning your carpet floors won’t get matted down after several years of constant travel. Instead, they’ll look just as lively as when they were installed, especially if you maintain proper care and maintenance procedures.

We strongly advise that you use our professional installation teams when you choose this floor covering. Our carpet flooring store trains and equips our teams specifically for this flooring installation, complete with all the necessary special tools. You’ll find no bunching, balding, or seam separation, even years after the completed flooring installation.

Our associates will help find your perfect SmartStrand match

Every homeowner is different and First American Carpet & Floors is a trustworthy carpet flooring retailer that pays special attention to your specific flooring requirements. We'll make sure you get exactly what you need as well as everything you want when it is feasibly possible to do so.

Our showrooms are located in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA. If you are in or around those areas, we offer this invitation for you to meet with us to discuss your flooring project. You won't be disappointed, and we look forward to serving you.