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Is carpet recyclable?

In today’s world, eco-friendly flooring options are increasingly important, and you might wonder if carpet flooring is a recyclable option. The good news is that almost all carpet types can be recycled, but more information is available that could be important to your requirements.

Recycling your carpet floors

Recycling carpet floors can be a tedious effort due to the diversity of materials present in each piece. However, it is still entirely possible to recycle these products in almost every case.

The first step is to determine if your local area has a recycling program dedicated to carpet flooring. Another option is to contact the manufacturer that created your carpet, if you know who they are, to find out if they have a buy-back program for old flooring materials.

Another option for getting even more use from your old carpets is to reuse or “upcycle” them into things that will serve you in various ways. Turn them into outdoor mats, use them in a dog house or other animal enclosure, or create a path through your garden.

Currently, only a minimal amount of carpet gets recycled when its purpose is done. With more people like you choosing to recycle, we can make an impact, so be sure to contact us for even more information on this topic.

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