What is a wear layer in luxury vinyl flooring?

There are many exciting facts about luxury vinyl flooring that you may be familiar with and others you might still want to learn. For instance, what is the wear layer found on luxury vinyl plank and tile?

We will look at this question in today's post so that you will know more about it. Read along with us now.

Finding a protective luxury vinyl plank or tile is important

In the simplest terms, a wear layer is another name for the layer that covers the visual section of your luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring. It is often covered by a finish layer and protects your flooring from scratches, scuffs, dents, and more.

This wear layer draws a definitive line between luxury vinyl tile and plank, and composite vinyl does not include a wear layer. And since you can personalize the thickness of this layer, you can personalize the protection you receive from it.

This layer is measured in mil, which is equal to one-thousandth of an inch, not millimeters. Since a thicker wear layer means added protection, you will want this option for your busiest spaces.

If you are flooring a typical residential area, a 12-mil rating is sufficient, while higher traffic areas work well with a 20-mil thickness. For commercial or retail spaces, 20-mil usually protects well, and we can give you even more information when you visit us.

Choosing luxury vinyl plank and tile you can trust

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