Hardwood flooring is, by far, one of the most beloved floor coverings on the market. There’s its amazing lifespan, which means you’ll never have to shop for flooring again. Then there’s the classic look that matches anything and withstands trend after trend. Those attributes alone are enough to make up some people’s mind, but there’s more where that came from.

There are certain things hardwood flooring can pull off, that no other flooring can. For example, a bit of wear or a scuff here and there can be passed off as character marks. Of course, a terribly marred floor doesn’t look good at all, but there’s more good news. 

Once wear and tear takes a real toll on these floors, they can simply be refinished. There’s no need to replace flooring that allows you to strip away the damage, revealing a brand new layer. This new layer can receive fresh stain and a brand new finish and you can start all over.

Certainly not least on the list of hardwood flooring benefits is the amazing assortment of appearances you can get from the material. Grain pattern, colors, board widths and lengths, and finish types are just a few of the options you’ll get to choose for yourself, making your floors incredibly personalized by the time your installers are finished.

Still, there’s one more benefit we’ll discuss, especially if you’re having a hard time accepting that these floors cost a little more upfront. You should think of it as more of an investment than a new flooring purchase. Not only will you likely never replace these floors, but should you decide to sell, you’ll see your money come back at the final sale price of your home.

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