Carpet grippers: What are they?

Carpet grippers: What are they?

Carpet grippers, called tack strips, are essential to installation since they pin the carpeting. Typically, these thin strips are made of plywood, but you can also find wood, aluminum, and rubber strips.

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The grippers for residential applications have two rows of sharp tacks facing upwards at 65 degrees to the horizontal.

Most carpet grippers have steel nails positioned at regular intervals that can be hammered to secure the strip after placing it on the floor. 


The gripper is laid on the subfloor before the flooring is installed, with the pins facing toward the wall or outside edge of the rug.

If the subfloor material requires it, the gripper can be glued down rather than fastened in place with nails. Simply put, grippers are designed to grip the carpet quickly and firmly when stretched into position and placed on top.

Transition strips

While carpet grippers guarantee that carpeting won't move or bunch up, transition strips are used to connect either two of the same or two different flooring materials.

Transition strips and carpet grippers serve the same primary function - safety in the home or assurance that flooring defects will not contribute to slip and fall accidents. The best strips are made of solid hardwood.

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