SmartStrand carpet from First American Carpet & Floors in Woodbridge, VA and Stafford, VA

Four facts about SmartStrand carpet

If you ever had any thought that a soft surface wasn’t up to date, think again:  The SmartStrand carpet collection underscores just what modern technology can do.

Ask your flooring retailer to tell you more about this incredible product.

Triexta, the fiber

This is relatively new to the market, but it has a distinguished ancestry, being developed by DuPont, the company that brought us nylon.

This also goes by the brand name Sorona(®).  It has permanent stain protection built into the fiber. You might say it's in the DNA.  It's as strong as nylon, but many say stronger because it has 30% more fibers than the former.

Three lines under the SmartStrand brand

While they all have the same characteristics of high-end style, deep strength and stain/soil resistance, each line of the SmartStrand carpet flooring has a slightly different bent that may appeal to various consumers.

  • Forever Clean is great for those with pets and/or kids.  It’s ultra-durable (with 30% more fibers than nylon) and with the stain protectant built into the fiber.
  • Reserve is for the sophisticated consumer. This line was influenced by Mediterranean architecture, with colors in various shades of blue, white, taupe, cream and gray.
  • ColorMax.  This carpet line features bold, vibrant colors, specifically designed to coordinate with wood and stone hues.

Have a thorough conversation with your retailer, including style and flooring durability needs.

Highly tested before being introduced to the market

SmartStrand rugs are manufactured by Mohawk, who lined the cage of a 5400-pound rhino named Max for two weeks. 

To put it into perspective, the 5400-pound rhino is heavier than a Ford 150 truck or 337 pugs.  The rhino also creates more mess than 135 spill-prone kids.

In the end, all that was needed was a warm-water hose-down, and there was no damage from his stomping.

No style sacrifice

These carpet floors might be tough, but they are luxurious, soft and warm. Styles range from the thick and plush to the geometric cut and loops. There are also Berbers' styles.

The styles are modern, not trendy (although there are some of those as well, to accommodate the consumer who wants that look) and there are 60 colors, resulting in a “something for everyone” collection.

For more information, visit the First American Carpet & Floors showroom in Woodbridge or Stafford VA.  Be sure to ask about our estimates.