Waterproof flooring from First American Carpet & Floors  in Woodbridge, VA

Install waterproof floors for a quality, durable, pet-friendly installation

There are countless reasons why homeowners choose waterproof flooring for their renovation projects. Needless to say, as a waterproof installation, you don’t have to worry about the occasional liquid spills or water mishaps ruining your valuable floors. Rather, with such surfacing, you can rest easy knowing they can handle your lifestyle, whether that includes pets, children or simply a busy household. What other features will you appreciate with waterproof flooring? Let’s go over a few of them right now, so you can get a sense as to whether these planks would be ideal for your redesign.

Simplify your life with pet-proof floors

Of course, since they're waterproof, you can certainly say these planks are pet-proof too! For homeowners that enjoy sharing their lives with furry companions, this installation will make cleaning up after an accident a cinch. Be it muddy paw marks or urine leaks, not only will cleaning up be easy, but it'll be stress-free too since there's no concern about water damage.

High scratch resistance limits damage

When you choose an installation with high scratch resistance, there’s little chance of damage to the surfacing from pet claws, high heels, children’s toys or a great many other everyday things. Additionally, this also allows you to enjoy your floors for a much longer amount of time.


Since it’s such an amazing feature, we simply must mention it again! Its water-resistant capabilities make these floors truly one of a kind. Plus, it's an excellent option for rooms that typically experience water spills like kitchens, powder rooms, mudrooms, and bathrooms.


Manufactured with high-tech, modern materials, these floors won’t let you down any time soon. When we tell you it can last for years and years – if properly maintained – we mean it!

Lifetime stain warranty

To top it all off, these durable, waterproof, scratch-proof, pet-friendly floors have a lifetime stain warranty. Go ahead and live your life out loud, enjoying your new installation to the fullest, without cause for concern when it comes to stains.

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