Waterproof flooring from First American Carpet & Floors in Woodbridge and Stafford VA

Luxury vinyl tile mimics stone, wood, and more

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is thicker than standard vinyl, and therefore, more comfortable to walk on. This budget-friendly alternative to more costly materials can be placed in every room of the home, including finished basements. First American Carpet & Floors is an LVT flooring store that has two showroom locations: one in Woodbridge and one in Stafford, Virginia. We offer a large selection of vinyl flooring along with other floor coverings like laminate, carpet, and hardwood. We carry several LVT brands that are waterproof, which means your floor is protected against liquid spills, pet accidents, and malfunctioning appliances.      

Characteristics of LVT

Many LVT floors realistically mimic the look and feel of natural stone. But stone is not the only material recreated with advanced digital print technology and embossing techniques. Some brands imitate the look of wood and block colors, graphic patterns, and unusual textures like mosaic pebbles are available. LVT has four layers: base, core, design, and most importantly, the wear layer. This top layer protects the design layer, and its thickness determines tile durability. In other words, the best tile has a thick wear layer. Choose 20 mil or higher for heavy traffic areas. Some brands feature a protective coating on the wear layer for extra protection against scratches and other abrasions.

Waterproof floors

Waterproof vinyl flooring has a four-layer construction like standard water-resistant vinyl. But the core is composed of different materials. Waterproof LVT has either a wood-plastic composite core or a stone plastic composite core. WPC contains wood pulp while SPC contains limestone. This core won't swell or contract when it is wet so floors won't buckle or warp. Often, waterproof vinyl flooring is the best vinyl on the market. Therefore, it has the most realistic look and the best wear layer. Sometimes it can even be installed with grout.

First American Carpet & Floors is a waterproof flooring store that has been serving the Stafford and Prince William County area since 1984. In addition to flooring installation, we offer free estimates and design consultation as well as carpet disposal, area rug binding, and hardwood refinishing. You can use our online form to schedule the free flooring estimate. Financing is available for your flooring project with a Mohawk credit card.