Matted carpet flooring? Here’s what to know!

Matted carpet flooring? Here’s what to know!

While many matted carpet remedies are found online, restoring it to its original condition is impossible if the damage is extensive. Instead, you can vacuum the surface to remove dirt, shampoo it, and vacuum it again to fluff it up after it dries.

If the carpeting is still matted, it's time to visit First American Carpet & Floors in Woodbridge or Stafford, VA, to get new soft surface flooring.

Nylon carpet

Nylon is well-known for its resilience, or ability to bounce back after footsteps have tamped it down. So, this durable material offers assurance, especially for high-traffic areas in your home, that your new carpet won't become matted like your old one.

In addition, nylon carpeting, typically found in matte colors, is treated in the factory for stain resistance.


Triexta was first introduced to consumers in 2009, and the soft fiber is as rugged as nylon. In addition, this long-lasting material is hydrophobic, meaning it repels moisture; thus, its resistance to stains is superior.

In addition, environmentally-friendly triexta brands contain, in large part, renewable corn sugar instead of the petroleum that is commonly used in carpeting.


brands specifically designed for pet owners are highly stain-resistant, and most often, they are backed by pet-friendly warranties. For example, Mohawk SmartStrand carpeting includes a warranty that covers 'all pets, all accidents, all the time.'

It's true that this type of carpeting, which is usually made of nylon or triexta, is ideal for any active household.

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First American Carpet & Floors installs carpet in Stafford, VA, and nearby communities, including Woodbridge, Triangle, Fredericksburg, Lorton, Manassas, Dumfries, and Lake Ridge. Other services include area rug binding and design consultation.

So, if you want to avoid matted carpeting in the future, stop by our carpet store in Stafford or Woodbridge to find the high-quality carpet that is perfect for your home.