Should you wax luxury vinyl flooring to maintain shine?

Should you wax luxury vinyl flooring to maintain shine?

Luxury vinyl flooring is designed to be a low-maintenance floor covering, and thus, it features a no-wax, easy-to-clean surface that requires no care beyond routine cleaning.

First American Carpet & Floors carries vinyl planks and tiles that display a variety of finishes, including those that feature a high shine. We invite you to visit our showroom in Woodbridge or Stafford, VA.

Extra strength

In years past, wax was used on floors to give the surface extra strength so that it wasn't easily scratched or stained. Luxury vinyl flooring is a multiple-layer floor covering with a transparent surface covering called the 'wear layer' that performs this function.

Some of the best brands even include a coating on the wear layer to provide additional protection.

Wear layer

The wear layer protects the image layer beneath it; your vinyl plank or vinyl tile floor must be replaced once worn down.

Therefore, you're making a wise investment when you choose luxury vinyl flooring with a strong, long-lasting topcoat or one with a thickness of at least 20 mils. As a result, the floor maintains its original surface shine for 25+ years.

Gloss levels

Vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring can have a low, medium, or high-gloss level. High-gloss floors bring brightness to a room with a finish that reflects light, while a floor with a low gloss, or matte, finish absorbs light, giving it less shine.

A medium gloss, also known as semi-gloss or satin, strikes a pleasing balance between high and low gloss levels, making it a homeowner favorite.

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