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Three reasons why carpet is a great flooring choice

Some homeowners opt to install carpeting throughout their homes, while others prefer to place it in areas like a bedroom or basements.

If you're looking for the best carpet in Stafford or Woodbridge, visit First American Carpet & Floors. We have a great selection of top brands made by companies like Mohawk and Dixie Home.

Poor heat conductor

is a poor heat conductor, so heat cannot easily pass through. This is good news on chilly days when carpeting provides insulation and stops any drafts that may be present in your home.

Carpeting is thermal, shock, and acoustic insulators. The padding, or underlayment placed beneath the carpeting also provides insulation.

Aesthetically appealing

Carpet adds color and texture to a room, along with comfort and warmth. Choose one of the many shades of gray to complement decor or a Berber style with a light background and flecks of darker colors.

The trendy layered look - an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting - is ideal under a dining room table, chairs, or family room furnishings.

Perfect for stairs

When you decide that a carpeted staircase is best for your home, you'll never regret your decision. You can depend on the carpet to muffle the sound of footsteps, provide a cushion for underfoot comfort, and minimize an injury if a slip or fall occurs.

Be sure to choose a tough fiber like triexta or nylon for this well-used part of your home.

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First American Carpet & Floors installs carpeting, and we provide design consultation, in-home measurement, and area rug binding services.

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