Top 5 signs you’re in need of new flooring

Your floors will see more wear-and-tear than any other part of your house. That’s why it’s so important to take care of them whether you have hardwood, laminate, or carpet. Bad flooring never looks good in any house. But, floors do get old. As floor ages, it will stop looking good no matter how much time you put into its care. It’s not really a huge issue and doesn’t reflect poorly on you as a homeowner. If you live in your home for twenty years, floors getting worn out just means they’ve seen a lot of memories made.

Even if you just bought a house there’s a chance the floors might need to be replaced. Whatever you situation is, here are the top five signs you need to install new floors.

The Tiles Look Cracked

If your home has tile flooring, be on the lookout for cracking in the grout or tiles. Cracking could be the result of moisture, or someone may have dropped something heavy on the tile. Either way, cracked tiles can be dangerous so you should replace the damaged ones as soon as you can. If you’re lucky–and there are only one or two cracked tiles–you can go to your local flooring company and buy the two that need to be replaced. If you’re unlucky, and your flooring is no longer being produced, you might have to replace the whole floor or fix the cracks without replacing the tile.

Your Allergies Are Getting Worse

As your carpet ages, it’s more likely to collect and hold onto allergens. So, if your carpets are old and you’ve noticed your allergies getting worse, it might be time to update your carpets or install new floors.

Your Floors Are Out of Date

Trends change over time So, whether you have laminate, tile, hardwood, or carpet, your tastes will likely change. Or, you might want to update the floors because it will help sell your home. Regardless of your reasoning, another sign you need new flooring is because you want new flooring–and there’s no shame in wanting something new.

Your Floor Creaks

Silencing your creaky hardwood floors might be an easy fix or it might be the sign of a bigger problem. If you live in an older home you can take squeaky floors as a sign they need to be replaced.

You Want to Add Value to Your Home

Everyone has his or her different preferences when it comes to flooring. Many like the non-carpet options because they don’t have to worry about the stains or allergens associated with carpet. But, regardless of what flooring you choose, updating it will increase the value of your home. Think of it on a personal level, how much would you be willing to spend on a home with brand new floors versus paying for a house with old floors you would have to replace.

Knowing when to replace your floors is something all homeowners need to know. Replacing your floors will add value to your home and will make everything look new again. Of course, replacing your floors and choosing the right option is up to you and your family. Just be on the look out for the signs before any damage becomes irreparable.