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What are the different types of carpet styles/fibers?

Understanding just a bit about the different types and styles of carpet flooring can help immensely when choosing your next floor covering from this product line. You’ll appreciate the differences between them and be better able to select a floor covering that meets your needs.

If you’re contemplating this line for your own home, we’d like to offer some information for your consideration. And when you’re ready to pick one, we’ll be right here to help finalize the experience.

Making sure your carpet floors meet your requirements

Carpet floors
come in three primary styles, offering plenty of variety for your décor and lifestyle needs. Cut pile, for instance, is excellent for areas with high levels of traffic and can take on types such as Frieze, Saxony, Plush, or Shag carpeting.

Loop pile is another popular style, also suitable for highly traveled spaces. Level loop piles create comforting uniformity, while a multi-level loop pile can be used to create splendid patterns and dimensions.

Cut-loop pile, as the name suggests, combines both looped and cut fibers that offer a beautifully sculpted appearance in a variety of shapes. It even provides a dimensional color effect as well, which hides stains and dinginess very well.

There are several different fiber types, each with impressive characteristics:

  • Wool – The only all-natural carpet material, offering stain resistance, and beautiful color.
  • Polypropylene – Also known as olefin, this impressive fiber is both stain and water-resistant.
  • Nylon – Very durable, colorfast, and resilient, and perfect for busy homes.
  • Polyester – Soft, luxurious, and affordable, and is very easy to care for.
Choosing a retailer for your carpet flooring

If you are looking to choose a carpet flooring retailer, visit First American Carpet & Floors at either of our showrooms in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA. Our associates will work hard to match you with flooring that adheres to your strict standards for preferences and requirements for a flooring experience you’re sure to love.

We proudly serve the communities of Woodbridge, Stafford, Triangle, Fredericksburg, Lorton, Manassas, Dumfries, and Lake Ridge, VA. We want to help you find the carpet flooring with the perfect styles and fibers for your home.