Carpet flooring in Stafford, VA from First American Carpet & Floors

What is the best carpet for me?

Gone are the days when some homeowners 'thought twice' about placing carpet in their homes. Today, there are brands to suit every lifestyle. Rugged pet-friendly carpet flooring, also ideal for very active households, is highly stain-resistant and attractive. First American Carpet & Floors offers a large selection of all types of carpet in Woodbridge and Stafford, Virginia.

Carpet basics

A successful carpet upgrade begins with choosing the suitable fiber for room function, lifestyle, and amount of foot traffic. Then, choose a top-quality product, and your carpet floors will last up to 25 years. Next, fibers are looped onto a backing to create carpeting, and these loops are often cut to make more styles. Finally, for maximum durability, opt for a short, loop pile carpet.

Most durable fibers

Time-honored nylon and newcomer triexta are the most durable fibers available. Nylon, the most popular fiber, is treated for stain resistance. It's resilient or capable of bouncing back after foot or heavy object compression. Triexta is hydrophobic. Since it doesn't absorb liquids, it is inherently stain resistant. Mohawk's SmartStrand pet-friendly brands are made with triexta.

Fibers for every need

While other fibers may be less durable than nylon and triexta, they are perfect for specific homeowner needs. Consider installing soft and vibrant-colored polyester in bedrooms. It is comfortable to walk on, and it enhances room decor. Olefin does not absorb water, and it resists mold and mildew. Thus, it's wise to place it in basements or use it for outdoor applications.

First American Carpet & Floors installs carpet, and we offer other services, too. These services include area rug binding, design consultation, and free in-home estimates. Triangle, Manassas, Lorton, Fredericksburg, Dumfries, and Lake Ridge, Virginia, are in our service area. We invite you to visit our showroom in Woodbridge or Stafford to begin your carpet flooring upgrade.