Carpet flooring in Woodbridge, VA from First American Carpet & Floors

What is the lifespan of a carpet?

A carpet can last anywhere from a few years to 25 years or more, depending on carpet quality, amount of foot traffic, and upkeep. Many of the most demanding brands are designed with pets in mind. These stain-resistant, pet-proof brands are perfect for heavy traffic areas in the home. First American Carpet & Floors offers a wide variety of carpet in Woodbridge, VA, and we have a carpet showroom in Stafford, too. Styles in all fibers are numerous.

Nylon and more

Expect carpeting made with nylon or Triexta to have a long lifespan. Nylon bounces back after compression, so it retains it is like new' look long after it's been installed. Mohawk's SmartStrand is made with triexta, a fiber that has proven to be durable. Water-resistant olefin works well in basements, while polyester, known for its bright colors, is ideal for low-traffic spaces.

Loop vs. cut pile

is constructed with loops of fibers, and these loops are cut at the tips to create cut pile styles. Dirt stays close to the surface of short loop pile styles where it is easy to remove. Choose this style for maximum durability. But cut fibers are twisted to increase longevity. A type with a 5.0 TPI, or turns per inch, listed on the label resists unraveling well.


Don't skimp on padding! Installers place this under the carpeting because it absorbs the shock of footsteps. A carpet's lifespan is much shorter if it's not paired with padding, also called underlayment. Often, manufacturers will specify the type used with each carpet brand. Padding also muffles noise, insulates the floor, and adds comfort underfoot.

First American Carpet & Floors provides installation, design consultation, and area rug binding services. Our professionals are specially trained and certified by Congoleum and Mohawk. We serve Virginia's Stafford and Prince William counties, including Triangle, Fredericksburg, Lorton, Manassas, Dumfries, and Lake Ridge all from our two showroom locations in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA. We provide all the services you need when choosing carpet flooring for your home.